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Laine is a high-quality Nordic knit & lifestyle magazine for knit folks. We cherish natural fibres, slow living, local craftsmanship, and beautiful, simple things in life. Our intention is to inspire you to gather and share, to be part of a community of like-minded knitters, makers and thinkers from near and far. Knitting is more than just knit, knit, purl. It is a feeling.

Laine includes patterns from the leading knitwear designers, insightful, long-format stories from the world of wool, interviews, exciting travel articles, seasonal recipes and strong, visual storytelling.

Laine Ausgabe 9

Issue nine, autumn/winter 2019, which was shot in the beautiful Finnish archipelago includes: 


 · 140 pages


· 13 knitting patterns from a talented group of designers: Fiona Alice, Rachel Brockman, Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Aleks Byrd, Renée Callahan, Verena Cohrs, Elly Fales, Whitney Hayward, Marianne Munier, Lavanya Patricella, Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre, Susanne Sommer and Becky Sørensen (please see the full list of yarns featured below)


· an interview with Lavanya Patricella


· a long-format story about Petra Mikaelsson from Fru Valborg


· my story by Kristine Vejar from A Verb For Keeping Warm


· a column by Jeanette Sloan


· seasonal recipes


· a travel guide to Munich, featuring the best spots to stay, eat and shop



Patterns & Yarns


1) PINACEAE, sweater

   Rachel Brockman

   Yarn: Lore by The Fibre Co. (colourway: Courage)



   Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre

   Yarns: Brusca by Rosa Pomar (colourway: 10C) and Sensai by ITO (colourway 342 Pool Green)


3) JOY, cardigan

   Renée Callahan

   Yarn: Rockwell by Jill Draper Makes Stuff (colourway: Clear Skies)


4) RISTTEE, sweater

   Aleks Byrd

   Yarn: Knit by Numbers 4 ply by John Arbon (colourways: KBN117, KBN118, KBN119, KBN120, KBN86)


5) FLOREA, mittens

   Becky Sørensen

   Yarn: Tukuwool Sock by Tukuwool (colourway: Runo)


6) WOODBINE, sweater

   Fiona Alice

   Yarns: Bowland Aran by Eden Cottage Yarns (colourways: Oak, Bark) and Eldwick Lace by Eden Cottage Yarns (colourway: Bark)


7) MÖKKI, sweater

   Verena Cohrs

   Yarn: Gilliatt by De Rerum Natura (colourway: Goeland)



   Lavanya Patricella

   Yarn: Rustic Fingering by Neighborhood Fiber Co. (colourways: Basquiat, Upton)


9) LUMI, sweater

   Marianne Munier

   Yarn: Loft by Brooklyn Tweed (colourway: Hayloft) 


10) SUMMER LONGING, cardigan

   Susanne Sommer

   Yarn: Tamtam DK by Frida Fuchs (colourway: Granatapfel)


11) RAMSAY, sweater

   Whitney Hayward

   Yarn: Luft by Woolfolk (colourway: L9 Eggplant)


12) UPPLEGA, socks

   Elly Fales

   Yarn: Nomade by Julie Asselin (colourways: Ardoise, Heathered Biscotti)


13) WINTER SUNS, shawl

   Olga Buraya-Kefelian

   Yarns: North Ave by Plied Yarn Co. (colourways: Divine, Webb), Studio DK by Neighborhood Fiber Co.

   (colourways: Oliver, Cross Street Market, Butcher’s Hill, Mondawmin)


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(Englische Ausgabe) 


Laine Ausgabe 9

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Laine Ausgabe 8

Issue eight, Kelo, includes:

· 140 pages

· 11 knitting patterns from a talented group of designers: Justyna Lorkowska, Denise Bayron, 

  Libby Jonson, Julie Dubreux, Leeni Hoimela, Astrid Troland, Sus Gepard, 

   Éveline Cantin-Bergeron, Jenny Sauselein and Marjorie Martin. 

· an interview with Susan Crawford

· a long-format story about Ocean Rose

· my story by Pauline Copin-Herriot of Lain'amourée
· a column by Jeanette Sloan (Jeanette will continue as our columnist in the future, as well)

· seasonal recipes

· a travel guide to our dear hometown, Tampere, featuring the best spots to stay, eat and shop


Patterns & Yarns

1) HONEYDEW, sweater

    Justyna Lorkowska

    Yarns: Cashmerino by Martin’s Lab (colourway: Wheat) and 

    Silky Mohair by Martin’s Lab (colourway: Wheat)

2) GEORGIE, sweater

    Libby Jonson

    Yarn: Bohemia Sport by Outlaw Yarn (colourway: Fog)


3) GRACE, sweater

    Denise Bayron

    Yarn: Puffin by Quince & Co. (colourway: Egret)


4) PASVIK, shawl

    Julie Dubreux

    Yarn: Gilliatt by De Rerum Natura (colourway: Poivre et Sal)


5) HEATHER, socks

    Ash Alberg

    Yarn: Natural Sock by Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co. (colourway: Peony Mauve)


6) UOMA, sweater

    Leeni Hoimela

    Yarn: Leizu Fingering Simple by Julie Asselin (colourway: Fleurs Pressées)



    Astrid Troland

    Yarns: Le Petit Lambswool by Biches et Bûches (colourway: Beige) and 

               Alpaca 1 by Isager (colourway: 61)


8) WATERLILY, cardigan

    Sus Gepard

    Yarns: Wild Wool Silk by Gepard Garn (colouway: 810) and Kid Seta by Gepard Garn (colourway: 812)


9) CIMES, sweater

    Éveline Cantin-Bergeron

    Yarn: DK Twist by Madelinetosh (colourway: Cactus)


10) ROSEBAY, scarf

     Jenny Sauselein

     Yarn: Loft by Brooklyn Tweed (colourway: Postcard)


11) LAKKA, cardigan

     Marjorie Martin

     Yarn: British Gotland DK by The Little Grey Sheep (colourway: Naturally)


(Englische Ausgabe) 


Laine Ausgabe 8 - Vorbestellung

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Laine - Ausgabe 5

Laine 5 Sommer 2018 features:

  • 132 pages (estimated weight is 440 grams)
  • 10 patterns by a bunch of wonderful designers: Sachiko Burgin, Bérangère Cailliau, Thea Colman, Sus Gepard, Marie Greene, Jonna Hietala, Clare Mountain, Susanne Sommer, Lene Tøsti and Veera Välimäki (a full list of yarns used below)
  • a portrait of Ysolda Teague
  • an interview with Rosa Pomar
  • "my story" by Nathan Critchlow of Twisted Fintch
  • a Q&A with Vânia O. of Two Hands Textile Studio
  • seasonal recipes
  • a travel guide to Edinburgh


Patterns and yarns in issue 5

1. MEERSCHAUM (socks)

   Sachiko Burgin

   Yarn: Durasport by Briggs and Little, colourways Oatmeal and Ecru


2. SVELGE (sweater)

    Bérangère Cailliau

    Yarn: Shetland Fine by L'Echappée Laine, colourway Brume + Silkhair by Lana Grossa, colourway Perle


3. BRENNIVIN (cardigan)  

   Thea Colman

   Yarn: Hudson Worsted by The Yarn Collective, colourway Beacon Natural (401)



   Sus Gepard

   Yarn: Kid Seta by Gepard Garn, colourway 46 + Wild & Soft by Gepard Garn, colourway Earth & Sky


5. LOTTE (dress)

    Marie Greene

    Yarn: Tukuwool Sock by Tukuwool, colourway Auri


6. KURU (cardigan)

    Jonna Hietala

    Yarn: terra by The Fibre Co., colourway Black Locust Bark


7. NUTKIN (sweater)

    Clare Mountain

    Yarn: Islington DK by Kettle Yarn Co., colourway Squirrelly


8. ELEVATE (brioche shawl)

    Susanne Sommer

    Yarn: Le Cashmere & Lambswool by Biches & Bûches, colourway Dark Green Grey


9. MIDSUMMER ROSE (lace shawl)

    Lene Tøsti

    Yarn: Floating by A Verb for Keeping Warm, colourway Quartz


10. ADRIFT (crescent shawl)  

     Veera Välimäki

     Yarn: Selkino by Skein Queen, colourway: Nettlebed


(Englische Ausgabe)


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Laine Issue 5

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Laine - Ausgabe 4


Laine Spring/Summer 2018 features:


  •  142 pages
  •  12 knitting patterns from a talented group of designers: 

      Fiona Alice, Emily Greene, Susie Haumann, Melody Hoffmann, Tiina Huhtaniemi, Libby Jonson, 

      Isabell Kraemer, Sarah Pope, Camille Rosselle, Katrin Schneider, Helen Stewart and Camilla Vad.

      (Please see the full list of yarns they have used below.)

  •  an interview with Jared Flood
  •  a long-format story about La Bien Aimée
  •  my story by Anna Dianich of Tolt Yarn and Wool
  •  a Q&A with Susanne Sommer
  •  recipes
  •  a travel guide to Paris featuring the best spots to stay, eat and shop.


Patterns and yarns in issue 4:

1) LAKELAND, sweater

    Fiona Alice

    Yarn: Hinterland Range, colourway Honey


2) RIFT, cowl

    Emily Greene

    Yarn: Swans Island All American Worsted, colourway Granite


3) BLACK ICE, sweater

    Susie Haumann

    Yarns: Madelinetosh Prairie, colourway Tern and Isager Silk Mohair, colourway 47


4) SHIBUI, shawl

    Melody Hoffmann

    Yarn: Ístex Plötulopi, colourways 1038, 0003, 1030, 0009, 1032 and 1033


5) LUOTO, hat

    Tiina Huhtaniemi

    Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Quarry, colourway Geode


6)KATE, cardigan

    Libby Jonson

    Yarn: Zealana Kauri Fingering, colourway Ashen K13


7) ERI, sweater

    Isabell Kraemer

    Yarn: Nature's Luxury On Stage, colourway Dark Star


8) KENNINGS YOKE, sweater

    Sarah Pope

    Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, colourway Fossil


9) STALACTITE, sweater

    Camille Rosselle

    Yarn: De Rerum Natura Gilliatt, colourways Granit and Poivre Blanc


10) MORGINN, cardigan

    Katrin Schneider

    Yarn: Quince & Co. Owl, colourway Huckleberry


11) FRAGMENT, socks

    Helen Stewart

    Yarn: Eden Cottage Yarns Bowland 4ply, colourway Oak


12) MAGNOLIA, sweater

    Camilla Vad

    Yarns: Camilla Vad Lambswool, colourway Rosa 9S and Isager Silk Mohair, colourway 0 


(Englische Ausgabe)


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